Parkour: 5 years old & Up | 50 minutes | $77.00 per session (session = 4 weeks)

Classes at Top Flight help students build confidence, develop strength and learn to use their bodies to navigate the world and environment around them. With a robust 12 week lesson plan participants will learn how to master all of the beginner Parkour skills such as proper jumping, vaulting, swinging and climbing techniques. Actual Parkour training is not the extreme rooftop jumping that you see all over the media but methodical and careful training that leads to mastery of ones movement. These skills will help students in all other sports, avoiding injuries at playgrounds and learning that their body is capable of more than the imagined.

Who can do Parkour? Literally ANYONE! Our coaches have experience working with students of all backgrounds and abilities. Our classes start at ages 5+.

[For Adult classes please consult one of the coaches!]

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