Top Flight Gymnastic’s preschool programs capture your child’s imagination and uses it as a tremendous motivating force for creative exploration of physical capabilities and development. Children in these classes, although working on gymnastics apparatus and skills, strive to jump a little further as the “river gets wider”, balance more carefully to “avoid the alligator pit” or support themselves even longer to “avoid getting slimed”!

Preschool Gymnastics at Top Flight Gymnastics encompasses three separate divisions for children, walking through 5 years old. Age groups are overlapping so parents can choose the program that is best suited for the maturity and attentiveness of their child.

Teddy Bear Gym: Walking – 2½ years old | 45 minute class

Parent interaction is the essential component of the Teddy Bear Gym. This program operates on an open gym concept where parent and child are free to explore carefully designed gym stations at their own pace. Instructors aid parents with understanding concepts of motor development and guide children through gymnastics skill progressions. Children are encouraged to begin their gymnastics careers in the Teddy Bear Gym.

Bear and Cub: Ages 2 – 3½ | 45 minute class

Bear and Cub offers a more structured style of parent/child interaction as we add the concept of working in a group, taking turns and staying on task for longer periods of time. Special lesson plans enhance motor development and increase teaching of skills. With guidance form the teacher and parent, each child will be encouraged and rewarded for efforts toward mastery of physical expression. A variety of equipment and gymnastics skills will make this time with your child stimulating and fun!

Panda Bears: Ages 3 – 5 | 55 minute class

Independence and alertness are essential for children in this program. The Panda Bear program can help a child adjust socially and emotionally by providing them with successful experiences, eye/hand and foot coordination plus locomotor abilities. Gymnastics apparatus in used as well as their own special equipment, to learn the fundamentals of the sport such as rolls, cartwheels, swinging on bars, and walks on the beam.


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