Ninja:  5 years old & Up | 50 minutes |  $ 84.00 per session (session = 4 weeks)

Top Flight’s Ninjas is designed to capture the excitement of the popular ninja craze and all the physical benefits inherent in these types of activities.  We’ve dedicated more area of the gym to the specialized equipment necessary to challenge your child’s strength, balance, coordination, speed, agility and endurance.  So much fun students won’t even realize how hard they’re working.

This new program is designed for boys and girls ages 5 – 11 interested in obstacle training, rolls, climbing and conditioning dialed in for their confidence to soar!!  There is no experience or equipment needed to join us for a fun filled ninja class.  The goals and stations used will change weekly to help them gain balance, agility, strength and above all confidence in their athletic ability and themselves.

During a normal 55 minute class the children will warm up with stretches and light drill work then go through various obstacles and skills to help them improve confidence, strength, speed and coordination.  Class will end with fun ninja conditioning to ensure progress and improvement.  Examples of stations are stepping stones, monkey bars, rock wall and a warped wall!!  Using what they have learned throughout stations and drills in class, one week a month will be “Test Run” week.  During  “test run” they get the chance to run the full course for time to see their personal best on the course and cheer on their friends.  Every child’s time will be recorded and every month and they will have a chance to beat their previous months’ time.  By recording times we hope to show the children their individual growth month to month and help them to gain confidence in themselves.