Tumbling: Boys and Girls 6 years old & Up| 50 minutes | $84.00 per session (session = 4 weeks)

Tumbling has always been a fun, challenging and developmentally sound physical activity. It helps one develop their power, agility, flexibility and spatial awareness. In addition to gymnastics, tumbling is becoming an essential part of training for many different sports. Now, more than ever, cheerleaders are using tumbling extensively in their field as are dances and divers. Even traditional sports like soccer and football are finding benefits from this age-old form of physical fitness.

Top Flight Gymnastic’s Tumbling classes are geared specifically toward the student who would like to learn and perfect their tumbling skills. In an effort to accelerate learning time and safety, all tumbling classes are ability grouped while making use of many tumbling aids such as skill cushions, tumbling barrels, incline mats, gymnastics pits systems and trampolines. Where better to learn tumbling skills than from tumbling experts?

Skills range up to round off back handspring. More experienced tumblers require specific placement.

Beginning Tumbling: no experience required.
Intermediate Tumbling: Bridge kick over down a cheese mat with out a spot.
Advanced Tumbling: Standing back hand spring on the floor without a spot.

T- N- T | Ages 6 years & Up | $107.00 per session

75 minute class

T-N-T is a Trampoline, Ninja and Tumbling class all in one. Can’t decide between the 3 programs? Then this is the class for you as it offers all 3 in 1 class.

Adult Tumble Fit | Ages 18+ | $84.00 per session

70 minute class

Tumble Fit is an exercise and conditioning class that also uses tumbling to build strength, flexibility and agility.

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