Top Flight Gymnastics’ preschool programs capture your child’s imagination and uses it as a tremendous motivating force for creative exploration of physical capabilities and development. Children in these classes, although working on gymnastics apparatus and skills, strive to jump a little further as the “river gets wider”, balance more carefully to “avoid the alligator pit” or support themselves even longer to “avoid getting slimed”!

Bear and Cub: Ages 18 months – 36 months | 35 minute class | $78.00 per session (session = 4 weeks)

With this active group, parent/guardian participation is required.  This is probably one of the first experiences for your child taking instruction from someone other than a parent figure.  Teachers and the parent/guardian will work together to help the young cub follow directions and take turns.  The class will be filled with fun activities to prepare the little one for an independent class without their Big Bear.

Age 3: | 45 minute class | $92.00 per session (session = 4 weeks)

This is a new adventure for 3 year old’s, being in a class without their Big Bear!  We will be working on strength, coordination, gross motor skills, early basic gymnastics and – of course – lots of fun.  This class will have many short activities to maintain their attention, while teaching the challenging skill of taking turns.  3 Year old’s will love to show you what they learned in class.

Age 4: | 45 minute class | $92.00 per session (session = 4 weeks)

These 4 year old’s want to go, go, go.  This class will be a continuation of strength, coordination, and gross motor skill, but there will be the addition of more basic gymnastics skills.  They will be asked to work a little more independently and follow instructions that may contain multiple steps.  Be prepared for your 4 year old to teach their gymnastics class at home.

Age 5: | 45 minute class | $92.00 per session (session = 4 weeks)

The 5 year old’s are wanting to explore bigger and better things.  They have learned to follow directions and multiple step instructions.  Cartwheels, handstands, and rolls are beginning to be recognizable.  At this stage, the lesson plans are starting to include more pushing, pulling, and carrying their body weight.  They are beginning to want to learn more skills and this is where their creativity begins to blossom.  Do not be shocked at little routines to start popping up at home.

Kinder’s: | Enrolled in Kindergarten | 50 minute class | $92.00 per session (session = 4 weeks)

You will notice your Kinder being more able to focus on a task and problem solve after beginning Kindergarten.  This is the reason the Kinder’s class is strictly for those who have started Kindergarten.  At this age it is important to remember that each Kinder learns at his/her own pace.  It is important for the instructor to challenge the individual.  Skills will include cartwheels, roundoffs, bridges, and various roll shapes.

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