Tricking:  6 years old & Up | 40 minutes |  $ 73.00 per session (session = 4 weeks)

Tricking is a type of Martial Arts that focuses heavily on spin kicks and aerial inverted moves.  Meant for show, this style of Martial Arts blends taekwondo kicks with gymnastics and break-dancing movement to create tricking combos similar to a gymnastics athlete doing a tumbling pass.

This martial arts is different from traditional martial arts in that the goal is to create the most over-the-top attack to look “cool.”  Like a 540 kick, that would not work in a practical setting.

Tricking is different from gymnastics in that most tricking passes have the athlete spinning off-axis in the air instead of end-over-end as you would see in a tumbling pass.

Tricking is different from parkour in that athletes do not vault over objects or run up walls or jump from/to beams.