Molly Kollman = T E A M @ Top Flight!

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Molly Kollman = T E A M @ Top Flight!

Molly really sets the tone for TEAM at Top Flight!

Among her goals – “To create an environment that is both passionate and compassionate. To help every athlete accomplish their personal goals. To leave each athlete with the lasting impression that they always stay involved in our sport and want to become a coach, judge, doc or psychologist who want to “give back” and help or guide our athletes in some way some day.”

She is a USAG safety certified coach and USAG professional member. Molly manages Developmental Team, Compulsory, Optional and TOPS – and then the Pro Shop! She is all about the athletes and staying involved! One can only change and grow when you are willing to be involved. Thanks, Molly, for all you do!!

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