Kaylie Collins, Class of 2018 – Level 10

Kaylie Collins, Class of 2018 – Level 10

Name: Kaylie Collins
DOB: May 25, 2000
Parents: Janna and Dave Collins
Siblings: Cassie (20), Chloe (15), Chelsea (11) 
High School: Notre Dame Academy, 1699 Hilton Drive, Park Hills, KY 41011
Graduation Date: May 2018
GPA: 3.7
Personal thoughts: I love the sport of gymnastics and I am passionate about continuing to compete in the sport.  I love the competition aspect.  I love to train and continually set and achieve goals, understanding and loving the work and effort that it takes to make my goals a reality.  Having started artistic gymnastics at age eleven, I quickly realized that I would need to work hard to progress toward becoming a Level 10 gymnast.  Thanks to the help of my parents and coaches, I am proud to say that is a goal I was able to accomplish.  With that said, I have much more I plan to accomplish and I feel that I am far from reaching my full potential. 

Career Highlights

2017 Level 9:                      Regional Qualifier
2017 Level 9:                      Kentucky State Meet – 3rd Floor, 3rd Bars, 4th AA
2017 Level 9:                      Gasparilla Classic – 1st Bars, 2nd Floor, 4th AA
2016 Level 9:                      Regional Qualifier
2016 Level 9:                      Kentucky State Meet – 1st Beam, 4th Floor
2015 Level 8:                      Regional Qualifier – T2nd Floor
2015 Level 8:                      Kentucky State Meet – T1st Bars, 2nd Floor
2015 Level 8:                      IGI Chicago Style Meet – 1st Bars, 1st Floor, 3rd Beam, 1st AA
2014 Level 7:                      Kentucky State Meet – 1st Beam, 2nd Floor

Gymnastics Skills


Training:  Yurchenko Tuck Full/Yurchenko Layout


Pak/Pirouette/Clear Hip Handstand/Double Back Tuck

Training:  Blind Change to Front Giant/Blind Full/Gienger/Full Twisting Double Back


Back Handspring Series / Split Jump Back Tuck/Split Jump Split Jump Three Quarter/Side Aerial/Horizontal Leg Up Turn to Immediate Inward Full Turn/Round-Off Full Twist

Training:  Back Handspring – Layout Step Out/Split Jump Split Full/Switch Leap Switch Leap/Round-Off 1 ½ Twist


Round-Off Back Handspring Double Twist/Front Layout Front Pike/Round-Off Back Handspring Full Twist/1 ½ Turn/Tour Jete Full to Immediate Wolf Full

Training:  Round-Off Back Handspring 2 ½ Twist/Front Layout Front Full/Rudi/Tour Jete 1 ½/Leg Up Horizontal 1 ½ Turn to Immediate Inward Double Turn

Kaylie’s Gymnastics Highlights:

Additional Kaylie videos

 Club Information

Top Flight Gymnastics
721 Centre View Boulevard, Crestview Hills, KY 41017

Coaches: Andy Klunder, tfgart@topflightgymnastics.com

David Cole,  dcole@topflightgymnastics.com